Constitution of Ballaghaderreen
Men’s Shed

Constitution of Ballaghaderreen Men’s Shed

The name of the shed is Ballaghaderreen Men’s Shed hereafter referred to as ‘the Shed’.

Aims and Objectives of the Shed

  1. To provide a venue for men to talk and connect with each other while participating in group or individual activities.
  2. To promote comradeship and fellowship in a safe environment while at the same time providing the space, expertise and facilities for men to pursue hobbies, craft and creativity.
  3. To promote and enhance healthy lifestyles for men.
  4. To undertake projects acceptable to the group which are of benefit to individuals, groups and the wider community.
  5. To promote a safe and healthy workplace and implement strategies to inform members of the risks associated with the use of machines and equipment.
  6. To engage fully with the Irish Men’s Shed Association to share the benefits achieved by the group and learn from the experiences of other groups.
  7. To combat social isolation and promote opportunities to meet and socialize with others in a man to man; shoulder to shoulder environment.
  8. The shed is not a commercial entity and does not wish to take work from local businesses. The shed will only undertake projects that have no commercial value. The shed will provide services or items for fundraising purposes to local charitable organisations.

Inclusion Policy of the Shed.

In so far as conditions and facilities allow the Shed endorses and practices an all-inclusive strategy in all activities both inside and outside the Shed. It respects all members irrespective of race, age, religion, ability or disability, medical or other needs. It is the policy of the Shed to give equal access and opportunities, eliminating any discrimination or intolerance that might discourage any member from taking a full part in all Shed activities. The Shed will always strive to celebrate diversity and will make every effort to eliminate barriers and encourage friendship, cooperation, partnership, community, opportunity and choice.


  1. Membership shall be open to men who want to enable the shed to achieve its objectives and who are willing to adhere to Rules and Constitution of the shed.
  2. All members will be required to read and sign the Rules and Constitution agreeing to be bound by all its conditions.
  3. A register of members will be kept by the secretary showing all paid-up members.
  4. Only members on this register are permitted to engage in workshop activities.
  5. A yearly fee of €100 (or a sum to be agreed by the members at the AGM) will be paid by each member in January (or after the AGM).
  6. Arrangements for the payment of this yearly fee are at the discretion of the committee with the general agreement of the members.
  7. All aspiring members will be required to fill in and sign an application form confirming they have read and agreed to follow the rules and constitution. Once accepted by the management committee membership lasts for 1 year and may be renewed on payment of membership fee. If a member fails to renew their membership within a specific period (30 days/Jan 31st) they will be asked to leave the shed.

Complaints Procedure.

  1. Members have a right to lodge a complaint. A complaint must be made first and foremost to the Chairperson and/or Secretary. (to one or both)  Initially the complaint may be delivered verbally but may have to be made in writing. The Chairperson may bring this complaint to the committee.
  2. If the complaint is regarding the behavior of a member or a health and safety issue it should be dealt with within 7 days. The committee has the power to take appropriate disciplinary action including the immediate termination of membership. The member against whom the complaint is made has the right of reply to the committee and can be accompanied by another member. All complaints hearings and final decisions must be recorded in the minutes.  To hear a complaint the committee must be comprised of no less than 6 members.
  3. The decisions of the Management Committee are final.
  4. All decisions will be communicated to the complainant as soon as practically possible. The communication may be verbal but can be in writing.

Management Committee

  1. A management committee will be made up of not less than 6 and not more than 10 members.
  2. Members of the management committee will be elected from the general membership.
  3. The management committee will meet monthly or more often if required. A quorum of 6 is required to constitute a legitimate committee meeting.
  4. The management committee must have the following officers – Chairperson, joint secretary, joint treasurer, PRO and 2 Health and Safety officers.
  5. Invitees may attend management committee meetings from time to time as required. Invitees are not allowed to vote.
  6. Management committee members will serve for a period of not more than 3 years unless otherwise agreed at the AGM. Casual vacancies that arise may be filled by agreement of the management committee. A member of the Management committee may be selected to fill a different position on the committee after serving his 3 year term.
  7. Shed members will be kept informed of Management Committee decisions by text, WhatsApp, notice board, group email, newsletter, or verbal announcement etc.
  8. All financial activity will be conducted through a specific bank account. At least 2 officers of the committee will be joint signatories on the shed bank account.
  9. The treasurer must present a full set of accounts at the AGM.
  10. Any shed committee member not attending a meeting without a given apology/reason for 4 months will be contacted by the committee and asked if they wish to resign

Health and Safety

  1. Each member is responsible for their own safety and the safety of their fellow members.
  2. All members will be responsible for maintaining the shed’s property and equipment in a tidy usable and safe condition.
  3. Any damage to property or equipment must be reported immediately to the management committee or Health and Safety officers.
  4. Damaged equipment must be removed and isolated until repaired or replaced.
  5. A workshop safe operating manual/register must be made available to all members using the workshop. This manual will be reviewed regularly.
  6. Anyone using the workshop equipment must sign in and out in the workshop manual /register.
  7. Only designated members may use the motorized equipment in the workshop. It is mandatory that another member be present when said equipment is being used.
  8. A list of designated members will be on display in the workshop.
  9. Anyone wishing to become a designated member will have to undergo specific training and instruction before undertaking any work on a machine.
  10. This training and instruction will be in accordance with specified instructions laid down by the shed insurance company- FBD.
  11. Training may be provided to the necessary standard to ensure health and safety by competent in-house staff or designated external trainers as the need arises.
  12. At no time will alcohol be consumed on the premises, anyone who is believed to be under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs will be banned from the shed until the management committee deems otherwise.
  13. The shed is a no smoking area.
  14. At least two health and safety officers must be appointed by the Shed to oversee workshop activity and keep workshop records up to date. They also are tasked with checking any hazard that might arise in the Shed building. They may from time to time take advice from external independent Health and Safety people.  An audit should be carried out at least twice a year or more often if need arises.

Data Protection.

All members need to agree to their personal data being held by the shed either digital or hard copy. (GDPR Regulations 2018). The shed has a separate Data Protection Policy.


Code of Conduct.

  1. No gambling will be permitted in the shed at any time.
  2. All forms of bullying, harassment, verbal or physical abuse and /or intimidation of members will not be tolerated.
  3. Inappropriate use of technology and internet is forbidden.
  4. A shed member will have their membership terminated for repeated breaches of the above Code of Conduct.

Amendments to this Document.

  1. Amendments to the Rules and Constitution may only be made at an AGM.
  2. Amendments must be in writing and presented to the secretary 7 days before the AGM.
  3. Amendments must be presented to the AGM in writing and circulated to all members before the meeting.
  4. Any proposal to amend the Rules and Constitution will require a two thirds majority of those present at the meeting.
  5. Only paid up members are entitled to attend and vote at the AGM.
  6. Notice of seven days must be given to all members before such meetings. This can be done electronically or in hard copy.

Dissolution of the Shed.

The Shed may be dissolved by a resolution of two thirds of the remaining members. Dissolution may be caused by the low membership or financial problems. Any assets or remaining funds/grants after debts have been paid shall be returned to their providers or transferred to local charities or similar groups at the discretion of the Management committee.