Privacy Policy

Data Protection, Ballaghaderreen Men’s Shed.

The Shed’s Data Protection Policy applies to the personal data held by the Shed’s committee which is protected by the Data Protection Acts 1988 to 2018 and the EU General Data Personal Regulation (GDPR)


The policy applies to all Shed members and others including prospective or potential Shed members and any employees of the Contractors or Fás workers insofar as the measures under the policy relate to them. Data will be stored securely, so that confidential information is protected in compliance with relevant legislation. This policy sets out the manner in which personal data and special categories of personal data will be protected by the Shed.


This is the privacy policy for Ballaghaderreen Men’s Shed.

Ballaghaderreen Men’s Shed is committed to protecting your privacy and making sure that you understand how we use the data you share with us and what your rights are.

Data Collection.  We collect the following information from every shed member:

1.     Name, address, telephone no. and contact telephone no.

2.     We also store in a secure place in the shed information on health conditions or medication a member may be on or may need in a medical emergency. This info is in a sealed envelope and is strictly confidential.

Data Processing and Storage.  We use the information we collect to prove paid up membership of the shed and to record when a member is present for a shed activity. It is also used to contact members for the purpose of sharing Shed news and timetables of events.

We store your information securely   in paper form but this may change in the future to digital form. The information is available to the Chairperson and Secretary only but in certain circumstances it may be made available to other members of the committee.

Data Retention.  We keep your information while you are a member of the shed. If you leave the shed and cease to be a member or if your membership lapses then your information is destroyed (paper) or permanently deleted (digital). As shed membership is renewed on an annual basis we will renew this information annually on payment of the set membership fee.

We won’t share your information with any other organisations for marketing, market research or commercial purposes, and we don’t pass on your details to other organisations. We may pass on your personal information if we have a legal obligation to do so.

If we amend our privacy policy we will share our new policy with you.

Right to change or remove your information.

If at any time you wish to update the information which we hold about you, or if you wish to have us remove your information from our register, please contact the Secretary of the Shed.

  Photographs and Recorded Images of Shed members are taken to record events, celebrate achievements, outings, visits to Shed by noted members of the community, health programmes, to establish a website, and to keep a record of the history of the Shed. Members should be aware that such images and film clips can appear on Facebook and WhatsApp or in local newspapers and periodicals. They may also be framed and hung on the walls of the Shed from time to time. It is important that all Shed members  are aware of the above.